Sidmouth Town Council Contact Number: 01395 512 424

Contact Sidmouth Council on their main reception telephone number 01395 512 424 to enquire about the public services provided by the governing body of the UK coastal town.

About Sidmouth Town Council

Sidmouth Town Council is the governing body for the seaside resort that shares its name, and is therefore responsible for maintaining an array of beautiful gardens alongside miles of clean beaches. Sidmouth Council supports tourism in the area when encouraging visitors to enjoy leisurely walks along the red cliffs and green hills of the Sid Valley, while promoting the regency history of the town centre. However Sidmouth Council also deals the day to day running of the town for residents and manages the practical upkeep of the area.


Sidmouth Town Council Enquiries – 01395 512 424

Contact Sidmouth Town Council by telephone on their local rate number 01395 512 424 if you have any enquiries about the public services provided by the government body. For instance if you are concerned about the upkeep of your local area following vandalism or damage caused by antisocial behaviour. Call a representative from Sidmouth town hall if you are from a local organisation or club and would like to update your details with your council. Likewise you should contact Sidmouth Council to add your organisation’s details to the register held at the town hall.

You can also contact Sidmouth Council to discuss your enquire about council tax bands prior to moving into the town or to discuss whether you qualify for tax relief as a resident who is also claiming benefits. Furthermore you can ask the town hall representative for administrative aid when it comes to your important legal documents such as your birth or death certificate. Alternatively you may wish to update your public records when registering a marriage or civil partnership in the Sidmouth area.

If you are new to Sidmouth or would just like to get to know your local area better then you can enquire about the services that are funded by the council such as the range of parks and libraries in the seaside town. If you are a new business owner, whether your company relates to Sidmouth’s tourism industry or otherwise, you should contact the council to discuss the cost of licensing and your rental rates.


Call Costs and Sidmouth Council Opening Times

Sidmouth Town Council operates a local 01 contact number meaning that you will be charged the standard per-minute rate as you would for any geographical call from a mobile and landline telephone from within the UK. However you may be able to contact Sidmouth Council for free if you are using up your available inclusive free minutes that are offered by your service provider. You can contact Sidmouth Council on their main reception number during the working week but only during the hours of 9am-1pm Monday to Friday.


Alternative Ways to Contact Sidmouth Town Council


Email them

Sidmouth residents who are unable to get through to the council by telephone due to its restricted opening hours should contact them online when sending an email to:


Write to the Council or visit them in Person

If you would prefer to make a formal complaint about any of the public services that Sidmouth Council is responsible for or if you would just like to give a councillor a visit in person then it is important to make note of their addresss: Sidmouth Town Council, Woolcombe House, Woolcombe Lane, Sidmouth, Devon, EX10 9BB, United Kingdom.