Lambeth Council Contact Number: 020 7926 1000

Contact Lambeth Council on their local rate telephone number 020 7926 1000 to enquire about the public services that are provided by the London Borough or if you would like to claim for a council tax exemption.

About Lambeth Council

Lambeth Council is the local authority for the London Borough that shares its name in the county of Greater London, United Kingdom. Furthermore Lambeth houses one of the 32 councils of the capital city, situated at Lambeth Town Hall in Brixton, where it runs meetings and executes policy for the 21 wards in its jurisdiction. Lambeth council is home to three London councilors following its first local election in 1964, these individuals pass on the most pressing issues from local residents to the mayoral body.


Lambeth Council General Enquiries – 020 7926 1000

Contact Lambeth Council on their London rate number 020 7926 1000 for any enquiries about the services provided by the governing body. For instance callers can discuss their eligibility if they need to claim for benefits or whether they qualify for council tax relief. You can also enquire about your council tax bands if you are planning to move to the Lambeth area and would like to assess how much you will pay. Alternatively you should call Lambeth Council for administrative support regarding any important legal documents such as your birth or death certificate. If you would like to register a marriage or civil partnership as a resident in the London Borough of Lambeth then you will need to do so when calling the council. Furthermore callers who are concerned about their community safety should contact Lambeth Council to report anti-social behaviour or even vandalism in their local area. If you would like to apply for planning permission then it is essential that you do so as soon as possible and need to arrange an appointment at their offices in Brixton Town Hall.

You should call also contact Lambeth council if you are a housing tenant or homeowner who is having problems with rubbish and recycling if there has been a delay in your collection services. Alternatively parents of children who are approaching school age should contact Lambeth Council to enquire about the availability of places at schools in their local area.


Call Costs and Lambeth Council Opening Times

Lambeth Council operates a London 02 contact number meaning that your call will be charged the standard per-minute rate for any geographical call from mobiles and landline telephones within the UK. However you may be able to contact Lambeth Council for free if you are using up your available inclusive free minutes that are offered by your service providers. You can contact Lambeth Council on their reception number during the working week from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.


Other Ways to Get In Touch


Email Lambeth Council

If you are unable to contact Lambeth by telephone then you can send an email with any enquiries about the services that the London governing body provides to their information centre address:


Online Contact Form

Residents of the London Borough of Lambeth may also wish to enquire about the services that council tax pays for when filling out the Online Contact Form on the Lambeth Council Official Website.


Write to the Council or Visit them in Person

If you would like to make a written complaint following any dissatisfaction with the council services that have been provided to you or even if you would rather visit a Lambeth councillor in person then it is important to note their official London address: Brixton Customer Centre, Olive Morris House, 18 Brixton Hill, London, SW2 1RD, United Kingdom.