Groupon Contact Number – 020 3510 0444

Contact Groupon on their UK customer service telephone number 020 3510 0444 to discuss any purchases made on the online marketplace or to ask how to redeem an offer for an upcoming event.


About Groupon

Groupon is an online marketplace that connects its subscribers to a variety of local merchants when selling activities and goods. Although Groupon was founded in the US, the company has a range of operations throughout the United Kingdom. For instance UK customers have a choice of qualifying deals on items or discounted tickets to hotels and activities depending on what is available in their postcode.


Groupon Customer Services – 020 3510 0444

Contact Groupon on their main UK customer service telephone number 020 3510 0444 to discuss a recent transaction made on the online marketplace. For instance if you have changed your mind about a recent order or have realized that a particular deal is no longer suitable then you should enquire about how to claim for a refund. However if you would like to claim a refund on a non-material purchase such as an e-ticket for an event or activity then it is essential that you provide the customer service representative with the relevant order number along with your digital receipt. It should be noted that you can only request a refund on your purchase if the item’s offer period is still in effect.

Call Groupon UK’s customer services to request technical support if you are having trouble with the site or if you are unable to log into your account. For instance if you have forgotten your Groupon ID then the customer service advisor can reset your account details and security information over the telephone.

If you have purchased an item such as an article of clothing or electronic equipment from Groupon then you can qualify for the company’s track and trace delivery service. For instance if your item has not arrived by its delivery expected date then the Groupon representative can assist when arranging tracking updates so that you can receive notifications throughout the remainder of the courier process. Furthermore, in the case of lost goods the customer service representative will instruct you how to claim for a replacement. If you purchase has still not arrived or if you are otherwise unhappy with the services provided by Groupon then you may wish to register a complaint on the customer service number.


Groupon Business Enquiries – 020 3510 2248

Call Groupon on their business enquiries helpline number 020 3510 2248 to contact a representative about the support available for merchants using the website. For instance, callers from any number of small businesses can request advise on how to promote their products on the Groupon marketplace. Furthermore, a representative from the merchant support team will detail the seller rates before discussing how much commission will be charged upon a successful sale.


Call Costs and Contact Hours

The Groupon helplines operates using a 02 number meaning that you will only be charged the same standard geographical per-minute rate as any local call made from a UK mobile or landline telephone. Callers should contact Groupon UK during their opening hours of 8am-8pm Monday-Friday but as waiting times are longer during the morning, it is recommended that you phone between 12pm-6pm.


Key Groupon Contact Numbers

Groupon Department UK Contact Number Opening Hours
Groupon Customer Services 020 3510 0410 8am-8pm Monday to Friday
Business Enquiries 020 3510 2248 8am-8pm Monday to Friday
UK Head Office 020 3510 2373 8am-8pm Monday to Friday


Alternative Contact Methods


Online Form

If you would prefer to avoid the cost of calling then you can also receive customer support when making your enquiry on the Groupon Online Form.


Write to Them

Alternatively you can send a formal written enquiry or letter of complaint to the company’s UK head office address: Seal House, 1 Swan Lane, London, EC4R 3TN, United Kingdom.