The Project Datafile Directory

The Project Datafile Directory is a unique database which lists comprehensive contact details for UK companies, governmental bodies such as local councils and international brands.


Project Datafile Summary

  • Amazon: Contact Amazon customer services on their UK telephone numbers to get a refund for a defective product, to renew your Prime membership and to get technical support with your Kindle e-reader device.
  • B&M: Get in touch with a B&M customer service representative to discuss the returns process for unwanted item bought from the UK retailer.
  • Carphone Warehouse: Contact Carphone Warehouse on their customer service telephone number to enquire about your mobile contract agreement.
  • CHPI: You can phone the Centre for Health and Public Interest if you would like to make a donation, or discuss the volunteer opportunities available.
  • Emmaus Leeds: Alternatively, you should phone Emmaus Leeds on their UK contact number for queries about donating to one of their charity shops, either in the form of a drop-off or collection.
  • Emmaus Salford: You can contact Emmaus Salford on their charity shop telephone number for information about donations or to ask how to register as a volunteer.
  • Phone Groupon UK’s customer service helpline number to contact a representative with your general enquiries after purchasing a deal on the online marketplace.
  • Contact Lambeth Council on their main reception number to discuss the public services that are provided by the London Borough or if you would like to claim for a council tax exemption.
  • Our database also has the telephone number for the National Express so that callers can contact a customer service representative with complaints about a delayed coach journey or if they wish to cancel a booking.
  • The University of Manchester (UoM) contact number is useful for enquiries about term dates, accommodation, or for specific queries regarding a particular degree course.
  • You may be looking for the contact number for the University of Oxford, ideal for enquiries about their undergraduate admissions process or open day bookings.
  • Proactiv is a popular online skin care specialist, offering kits that help deal with acne or problem skin, you should call their UK customer service number for enquiries about your subscription to the company.
  • Sainsbury’s: Phone Sainsbury’s on their contact numbers to get a refund on a grocery order, for assistance when using their online shopping website and to query an electricity bill if you are an energy customer.
  • Contact Sidmouth Council on their UK telephone number for enquiries about the public services provided by the governing body in the coastal town.
  • Phone UCAS on their undergraduate course enquiries number for information about the clearing process or to ask how to login to track to check on an existing application.