The Project Datafile Directory

The Project Datafile Directory is a unique database which lists comprehensive contact details for UK companies, governmental bodies such as local councils and international brands.


Project Datafile Summary

  • Amazon: Contact Amazon customer services on their UK telephone numbers to get a refund for a defective product, to renew your Prime membership and to get technical support with your Kindle e-reader device.
  • Contact Lambeth Council on their main reception number to discuss the public services that are provided by the London Borough or if you would like to claim for a council tax exemption.
  • Sainsbury’s: Phone Sainsbury’s on their contact numbers to get a refund on a grocery order, for assistance when using their online shopping website and to query an electricity bill if you are an energy customer.
  • Contact Sidmouth Council on their UK telephone number for enquiries about the public services provided by the governing body in the coastal town.